What's this?? Two posts in one day?

Still looking at some design stuff! Here are some logos from my time at Pagio Inc.:

(also that top one is for Image Production Services, Worcester, MA)

It's sort of funny to see how my penchant for comic art forces its way into my design process. Rather than attempting to collage things together, it tends to make more sense to me to just lay them out like panels:

Not very funny. Just sorta.

Worcester Movies Weekly

Well, it's been a while since I posted something on McNemesis... Going through my back-up drive and a few old graphic design projects, I realized how much fun I had working on Worcester Movies, an ill-fated 8-pager put out by Pagio Inc. (publishers of the Pulse Magazine) which, after six or so months, just didn't garner enough advertising sales to support it.

Not sure if that really gives the full effect of it, but there it is! Head writer and driving force behind the project was Rob Newton, whose knack for movie-title puns rivals my own.