Bocado Tapas Wine Bar Artwork pt. 2 - nudes

Quick post today! Once again I'm realizing how few photos I have of these. I'm sure if I dug around a bit more I could find some more, but here are two pictures of pen & ink sketches I did for Bocado at the same time as I was finishing the paintings. I remember thinking that I was going to blow through these in an hour each or so but wound up staying up really late the night before they were supposed to be done. Sometimes anxiety about the quality of the work shows up at the worst possible moment. The model wishes to remain anonymous, and therefore has no face in any of these...

One of the original sketches:

And then I ran out of images to use. So next is a sketch for one of the dancers from an earlier post:

This next sketch I think deserves more explanation than I'm prepared to give. I put it up here because I'd promised some nudity in this post and haven't really been able to follow through! It's a little dirty I guess, but in my defense it was for a client who'd wanted a sexy new image for his computer repair business. Previously, he'd been fortunate enough to have a friend who would do this sort of thing for free, so when we got to the pricing part of the negotiation, I suddenly stopped hearing from him. Eeeenteresting. Oh, well.

-Kung Fu Mike

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