Neato sketches for an unfinished Zombie Comic

The following post was written months ago and for some reason left un-published. It's pretty ho-hum if you ask me, but again it's been a while since any posts went up, so here goes:

I assume this girl was supposed to be the lead. I'm sure it was some gruesome tale of survival with some farmer-types facing off against hordes of the undead or some such. Whatever the reason, I tried drawing this young lady driving a tractor. Woah, nice gams!

Of course those gams I'm referring to are the ghost images of leg anatomy you can see through the page. I used to practice that stuff a lot, and I think it did pay off a little in terms of sketching figures without reference.

Anywho, here's another farmer type who's a bit ornery.

"Bite me!" he says!! Get it!? It's funny because there are ZOMBIES!

Anywho, sorry for getting your hopes up, there are no actual Zombies in this post.

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