24 Hour Comic / "I, Zombie"

Ever heard of the 24 Hour Comic Challenge? Click the title of this post (as per usual) for more info about that. Below will be the first half of my one time attempt at completing the challenge! It's titled I, Zombie (and yes, I realize that there had already been a movie called I, Zombie, released by Fangoria (I believe?) prior to my attempt (and the blockbuster I am Legend) but keep in mind the entire thing was penciled, inked (in magic marker no less - my brush pens died after the second page) and laid out in one 24 hour period. No breaks, just coffee and will power... and free pizza thanks to the hosts, That's Entertainment on Park Ave., Worcester. It was a fun event, a great challenge, and even though I succeeded in finishing, friends and family members told me I resembled the main character a little too much by the end. I'll post the last half next time if anyone's interested!

dun-dun-daaaaaaahhhhhhhh... To be continued... ?

-Kung Fu Mike

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