Rooftop Recordings pt. 2 : Flyers

Here are a few promos I'm working on for the Rooftop Recordings release. Ahh, alliteration... Here ya go:

So far, so good? I thought this one was nice as a digital fake of what appears to be a double-exposure. While it's kind of interesting, I still have issues with it. It somewhat gives the impression that multiple recordings for this project might have been going on at the same time on separate rooftops... which was clearly not the case. That or Dan Burke's gigantic apparition is somehow haunting another musician...

And here are two in color, planning to do them in larger format and posting them up around Worcester. Still not at %100 but I think I like them. At this point I'm beginning to lose perspective and need to take a break! The subtlest of changes start to seem important, and I'm just nudging blocks of text around an image anyway. First one is of Stu:

And then there's this one of Scott and Nicole, not really different in layout:

Keeping info on the project to a minimum for the moment, thinking of adding information to promos as the date gets closer. All photos courtesy of Jonathan K. Sun. That's it for now!


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