Rooftop Recordings Update

Only a few days left until the Rooftop Recording's Release Party at Nick's Worcester! Getting pretty excited for it already, as people's interest seems to be gaining. Nothing outrageous, but something good seems to be happening. There will be an article about the Rooftops out in the upcoming issue of WoMag, and next month there will be a feature in Pulse Magazine. WCHC 88.1 should have a few tracks in their rotation at this point, and there might even be a radio interview in our future. Just wanted to post some photos of the CD case itself, and assure readers that they WILL be able to buy a CD through this blog if they can't make it to the release party! Come back to McNemesis.com for that page on the morning of Monday, the 25th of October. Anyway, here are some images from the CD case itself:

So again that's Nick's Restaurant & Bar, 124 Millbury St., Worcester, October 24th, at 7pm. The line-up should be pretty impressive, featuring the following performers: Scott Ricciuti, Nicole Langlois, Roger Lavallee, Niki Luparelli, Dan Burke, Todd Rawley, Israel Saldana, Ari Charbonneau, Bryan Bedard and Julius Jones. Still hopeful, but not confirmed are Andy Cummings and Stu Pynn. How could it be a bad night?


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