Bocado Tapas Wine Bar pt.3 - more nudes

Special thanks to "Mama-Menemy" for keeping better track of my artwork than I do! Here are some photos of the rest of the nudes for Bocado from their original hanging in 2006. The frames have glass protecting the artwork, so there's a little problem with glare/reflections on the surface which made them difficult to photograph, but it's not so bad.

I didn't write about it in my last post, but I thought it took some guts for the owner, Michael Covino, to hang these in a restaurant dining room. A lot of people would be too up-tight to put nudes up in a public setting, tasteful or not. Thankfully, it went over really well, no one seemed to mind, and I've been fortunate enough to have my artwork on display in a successful restaurant for about five years now. So, thanks to Mike for the opportunity, and thanks to Mom for sending these photos to me!

-Kung Fu Mike

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