Unused Artwork!

Not everything works out like you hope it will. Such is the case for these few pieces. Here are a few examples of sketches (occasionally finished art) that were intended for a project or two that, for some reason or another, fell through. Fortunately, there shouldn't going to be too many posts dedicated to this sort of work. First off, below is a painting I did in the hopes of landing a children's book deal:

Then a mural, featuring Latin pop-stars. I added the sketch to a photo of the actual wall in Photoshop so we could see how it would fit. Unfortunately, the client seemed more excited by my ability to do that than the sketch itself.

Come on! Look at Santana! He's rocking out!

Here are two from a proposed science book that apparently fell through on the funding end:

Must I go on? Probably not. But I'm going to, anyway. Here are just a few more sketches, and in some cases pre-sketches - now that's planning - that never became full blown pieces.

I guess that's it for now. I'm sure all of these incomplete projects were launched, both by the clients and myself, with honest intentions, but nevertheless wound up in a stack in my closet in this post. I admit to being pretty frustrated at the time when the projects were unceremoniously dropped, but regardless, and only in retrospect, I can appreciate the experience gained with each one, at least for providing the motivation to get to work on new comps and techniques I wouldn't have otherwise.

Then again, get me to start a project without a down-payment or a kill-fee at this point and I'll send this guy after ya:


-Kung Fu Mike

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