Corner Grille - Mural Progression

Photos of a mural I completed this past summer for the Corner Grille on Pleasant St., Worcester. For once I planned ahead and took photos after each session so that, if you wanted to, you could add up the amount of sessions/days it took to complete the project. (But that's only if you wanted to.) The whole process was spread out because of the unfortunate weather system that hung over New England for the first month of the summer. I did maybe two days of work before the next 28 were consecutively rained out. Awesome.

If you're from the area and you haven't made it there yet, you should stop in sometime - food's great!


  1. Do you have any idea who did the original mural with the cow jumping over the moon? I'm dying to find this information out!

  2. I do not, unfortunately! According to the owner, that's one of the reasons she contacted me, as the original artist was unavailable to make changes. Sorry! Maybe someone out there knows?