Siegfried - Children's book

Here's a project I thought would shoot me to instant fame and success - my first children's book.

While it didn't do for my illustration career exactly what I'd hoped it would,
Siegfried, a 32 page children's book (published by the EcoTarium in Worcester, Ma., 2008), was still a valuable experience overall (gotta get that first one out!). I looked at the project as a chance to make a picture book of my hometown, each page essentially a pen & ink postcard of one of Worcester's memorable locations as a runaway stegosaurus makes his way through town. To see how the story turns out, you'll have to go buy a book, below are just a few of my favorite scenes. Click on each for a larger view.

Because I think it's fun to see what happens to character designs as a project progresses, here's the initial sketch I sent to the author of the book, Cookie Nelson, before we were sure the project would be a go:

The book sold pretty well for what it is, and the release party was a lot of fun, considering the appeal to Worcesterites and those from surrounding areas, I feel that more could have been (and could still be) done with it, given some more aggressive marketing. Prove me wrong, children! Prove me wrong!

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