Jefe O'Hara #3 (unpublished)

Here's a comic that I'm disappointed never went to print. It represents my first experience with what's referred to as "metafiction," (meta for short - click title of this post for a wiki-definition) and might be hard to follow without some sort of dialogue. Unfortunately at this point in time, there still isn't any, which is the reason the book was never printed. The basic plot of the story is about a comic book police officer, Jefe (pr. - "Heff-ay" / "Chief") O'Hara, who (through a higher power) suddenly becomes self aware and realizes that he exists as a comic character, his fate and future dependent on the ramblings of his writer/creator. Thinking and therefore being, frustrated by the structure of his comic life, he breaks free of his comic boundaries, ultimately winding up in a lengthy argument with his writer (creator) while they travel in a vehicle (literally) throughout the story. But anyway, here are a few pages:

Well, I started uploading pages and I guess I just couldn't stop. I had fun (and admit I may have read too much into the original story's outline) playing with ideas of breaking boundaries, both with the character and his restrictions (smashing gutters with an axe) and with this last page I decided to post, where the ink bottle breaks through the edge of the page. I thought this story could've been a pretty interesting one to finish up, given all of the questions dealing with mankind's fate, free will and belief in a relationship to their own creator (that smug bastard!), posed by not-too-subtle representations of each. Will we crash if we give up our driver's seat? Do we exist past the edge of the page?

Hm... That's deep.

-Kung Fu Mike

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