Better than facebook.

Isn’t actually finishing getting started the hardest part of any project?

To avoid any further delay in publishing my first blog, I’ll try to keep this one short and to the point. I’d originally planned to call this
IlluFrustration, and intended it to become a home for some of my less fortunate projects, ideas, and sketches that might never be viewed by anyone other than close friends and family myself. But, after googling it and uncovering just how possibly un-original the title was, and sifting through some of my work, I realized that the title and theme of a blog like that emits more of a, “calling it quits” tone than I’m comfortable with, and that I wouldn't be doing myself any favors by excluding completed work or projects still in progress. So, in any case, I’ll be posting images and ideas of whatever I'm currently working on, or have just finished, and won’t hesitate to post old or unused stuff when I’m feeling sentimental. Oh, and before I’m done, special thanks to an old Pratt buddy, Eric Chun, who started calling me “McNemesis” sometime shortly after we met. Thanks for reading this first post! Check back soon for artwork and updates.

-Kung Fu Mike

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